Last week, we had an appointment with the doctor who is following me. For this visit, I apssed several physical exams, the most important being the myelogram. She confirmed that it was now the stem cells from the donnor which were in charge of the production of all the blood cells and the immune system. The blood cells analysis is close to normal! Much better that when I was in charge a few months ago!

After some difficult weeks, during which I had some serious digestive problems, it is now close to normal! I started to eat a lot and even I gained some weight already (I lost up to 12/15 kg and look like a gost!).

There are still some limitations on what I can do, including using the public transportation, going outside home to eat in restaurants, but the doctor told us that it is just a question of weeks (maybe end of of October). I need to be patient!!!!!!!

We are now going to the day hospital once a week, which is cool! The next appointment with my doctor is mid-october: I guess at that time, some limitations in my life will be lifted!

During the visit to the doctor, I gave her a letter for my donnor. It is just “a thank you letter” since it must be anonymous: no personal details are allowed. Next time I will visit my doctor, I will give her another letter so that she will be able to follow my progress toward a “normal” life. She really saved my life!

Thank to my family and my friends for the support they gave me during those very important months!


4 thoughts on “D + 90 after the graft: an important step

  1. Being patient is not easy but it’s worth it!!!!
    The target: going to the restaurant for your birthday in November! Indeed you’ve grown up a little since the lovely pictures of your post…

    Congratulations on your +1kg back, carry on!


    1. Hello! You are making a point! The goal seems to be realistic: going outside for my birthday! It might be cool! Have a nice week-end, although it could be rainy! Take care! ppmhk ;-)!


    1. Dear Lior:
      Thank you!It is good to have friends all over the World!
      I am recovering slowly but everything is going in the good direction!
      The goal is to be cured and I am close to that! I will need up to a year to be almost like I was a few years ago, well with more white hair of course ;-)!
      Take care!
      Best regards


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