Last thursday, we went to the day hospital. We had been there 10 days ago. A nurse took some blood samples, then we waited for the results: everything was almost perfect! I was just short in red blood cells but nothing alarming: the doctor explained previously that it takes time to have a “regular” red blood cells count.

The doctor told us that there was no need to come back to the day hospital. We have an appointment with the doctor on November 15th, and I will need only to have a blood analysis performed in an outside laboratory, as I did before. She said also that after this appointment, I will come to meet the doctor only ones a month at the begining, then not so often… Yes! Another very good news! The “regular” life is around the corner!

The last step will be to take the public transportation…maybe next week or the week after?

Yesterday, we had a sunny afternoon, so we went for a walk around “Bures reservoir”: 2.5 km, the longest walk I did since last June and the bone marrow transplant. After I cleaned up some dead leaves from the ground in the garden… I was not tired, so i was happy to be able to do something after such a long time of inactivity.

Enjoy life!

Top photo: with hairs!

Bottom photo: without hairs… but they are coming back!




2 thoughts on “Thursday October 27th: our last visit to the day hospital?

  1. Congratulations for this new giant step towards business as usual!
    It’s a nice early birthday present!!!!

    What about a photo zoomed in on the air growing back?????



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