Happy New Year 2018 for everybody! May all your dreams become realities!

For me, last year was the year of recovery. I still have some small problems, but it is OK: I can live with them! On my way back from the moon, I would say that I am now in orbit around earth, waiting for the best time to land… I am still dreaming of being able to live without taking any cyclosporine.

Last time I visited my graft doctor, she gave me a news I was waiting for: we are starting to decrease the neoral! I will keep the photopheresis once a month, but it is not a big deal…

Once again, I would like to warmly thank my donor, the doctors and nurses at Saint Antoine, my family and my friends: they all saved my life!

Please, don’t forget to enjoy life!




IMG_5004 - copie



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2018!

  1. Glad to hear that you are getting better Patrick! And all my best wishes for 2018! I hope you have a speedy and complete recovery. Regards, Jesus (from Zaragoza)


    1. Dear Jesus,
      I got the news from Mercedes that you had come back to Zaragoza after your long stay in England. Silvia is back too?
      I am getting better, but with ups and downs… Sometimes it is kind of difficult to keep a high spirit….
      Anyway, after 18 months after the stem cells graft I am not too bad! I can travel, work in the garden, do some cooking etc… i am tired very easily but I am also aging ;-)!
      What kind of position do you have in Zaragoza?
      Take care!
      Best regards to you both!


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