Today, I had my first apointment of the week to an hospital: dermatology at Tenon hospital. It was a “follow up” exam, to check if everything was Ok regarding the carcinoma which was treated by dynamic phototherapy a few months ago.My doctor was happy with the results!

On the other hand, I had for some days a “strange feeling” in the mouth, which remembered me of the GvH I had before. I was not sure the GvH was not making its come back… According to my doctor, not this time! Yes!

Now the not so good news (but not too bad either!): on looking at “the first carcinoma I had a while ago, and which has been treated by phototherapy, my doctor told me that this carcinoma was making a come back! This time we will try at first to treat it with a special cream. This is usually very efficient, but it can hurt: burning, scratching,… It will last 6 weeks. Yes, a new experiment! So happy!

Speaking about another subject: last week, I completed my 3rd stain glass project. Here are some photos related to this:






I am looking forward for a new project!

Of course, my new “good health” is thanks to the fantastic team at the Saint Antoine hospital, and in particular my kind graft doctor, my anonymous donor, my family and my friends, and to the doctors at the Tenon department of dermatology.

It is not yet the end of the adventure… Stay tuned :-)!

Take care and enjoy life!

I really love you all :-)!

And for the ones who are not yet fed up of MDS, please have a look at:


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