Greetings from Bures! After the very successful stem cells graft I had 2 years ago, I became “young again” :-)! (Thank you my kind graft doctor at Saint Antoine, my donor, my family, my friends!).

So I am planing for a new carriere, since I cannot do chemistry anymore: I would like to become a pastrycook! The kinds of sweet things I can do are very limited at this time, but I am thinking of taking class in pastry-making!

Below is samples of what I can produce now: carrots cake, banana bread, cherries batter pudding, sourdough bread, jams…

The problem is that if I make too many cakes and eat them, I will become diabetic, ah ah! So I need to give them away ;-)!








And to put an end to my carriere in Chemistry, I would like to share with you some photos of my former labs…

Before my former lab in Curie became unreachable (“Pavillon des sources” locked for good), I took some photos to keep memory of where I worked for around 20 years…

Here is a video of the lab:



Also, here are photos of the hood where I used to work during my visits to Dave’s lab in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Thank you Eva for “saving it” during the times I was back in Curie!


As my daughter used to tell me: chemistry is not everything in life :-)!

Take care and enjoy life!

With love…


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