This week, I received a copy of the report my kind graft doctor sent to my family doctor. This report gives the last informations regarding the “two years” visit” I had with her a few weeks ago .

As you can see in the document below, it is stated that I am now in “cytological and molecular remission” (rémission cytologique et moléculaire in french). My understanding is that there are no trace of my defective stem cells in the bone marrow: everything belongs to my donor’s hematopoietic stem cells!

So, I am “half man” “half woman”: perfect chimera!


My next visit with my graft doctor will be at the end of september. Maybe at this time, she will give me the news I have been expecting for months now: no more ciclosporine! If she says so, maybe I will hug her… it will be difficult to resist!

At the end of this year, I will have more vaccins, the ones I could not have before. At this time, I will be like a baby, fully protected again :-)! But an old baby ah ah!

Next week, we will head to Toronto to visit our daughter and son in law. Looking forward for meeting them again !

Thank you to the team at St Antoine (my fantastic graft doctor and the other doctors, the nurses, the photopheresis nurses), to my graft donor and my big family. I love you all!

And don’t forget to take care and enjoy life !



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