Last thursday, I had an appointment with the dermatologist in the Tenon hospital. It was for a followup of the previous visits I paid there during the last summer.

I had two “problems”: one on the left temple, one on the back of the head. The first carcinoma had aalready been treated by dynamic phototherapy, then with “a cream”, and at last with liquid nitrogen… But during the last visit, the dermatologist told me that I might need some surgery to remove it (I think he was “sure” but did not want to push my spirit down!). The second one, a small one, was treated with ” a cream” during the summer, but I could feel that it did not disappear.

The dermatologist took “a sample” of cells from the carcinoma at the back of the head to identify what kind of cell it is; then she will propose a treatment, phototherapy or surgery…

For “the big one”, surgery was  the way to go… So in mid-february I will pay again a visit to the Tenon hospital to have it removed, I hope for good! The dermatologist explained that a small piece of skin will be removed around the carcinoma (around 0.5cm), so it will be like a small lifting :-)! A few years ago, I had another carcinoma removed by surgery. It was right in the middle of the forehead, so during the “lifting” I had some “wrinkles” removed. I asked for  a change of the face from “me” to Robert Redford (young) but the result was very disappointing… This time I will ask to be like Georges Clooney…


In addition, I had some strange feelings about the mouth (and some red “plates”on another part of my body). I was afraid that maybe the GVHc was making a come back. But the dermatologist said no: breathing better, but not 100% sure… I will disccuss with my kind graft doctor during the next appointment…..

In Tenon hospital, there is a small chapel with a statue of my very good friend Saint Antoine. I wen to visit him , put a candle near him to thank him for all the good he did to me, and took a photo!

Another strange thing: in the garden, inside the hospital, we discovered a tree in bloom: january 3rd! Global warming?

Next week, I will have my last vaccine. After I will be protected, as a baby, an old baby!

At the end of January, I will meet my kind graft doctor for a regular visit, just to check if everything is OK. But on the previous day, I will have a full blood analysis…. looking for good results!

I wish everybody an Happy New Year!

With love!



Photos of the carcinoma taken with my smartphone (the one of the doctor did not work well)…. grey hair!




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