Last monday I had the last shot of the vaccine against chicken pox. It was the last step toward “a full protection” against various diseases. I am now 31 months after the graft, and my vaccines record is more or less similar to the one for a young child! I am a young chimera in an old-looking body!

Next monday, I will go back to my favorite place in Paris, the Saint Antoine hospital! It will the time for a full blood analysis. I will prepare myself well, so that I will not faint ah ah!

Then, on tuesday, I will meet my favorite doctor, my graft doctor. It will be the first time since she told me, four months ago, that the time had come for me to stop taking ciclosporine…

Beside “the recurrent fatigue”, I am feeling OK. But it seems that there are not clear explanations regarding from where this fatigue is coming (see

I have been thinking hard about this problem, and I came with an “explanation”: many patients after having stem cell transplant have GVH, which is the sign of “a fight” between the graft and the old tissues via the immune system. So,maybe, the old body is spending a lot of energy to controle the attacks by the new immune system. hence “the fatigue”! Not clear I know ;-)!

Today, I started a new “artistic” activity: clay modelling. The first thing I am doing is modelling an head… I will show soon the first steps…

Take care and enjoy life!

With love…



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