Early in November, I left France to visit Nanjing, where an old friend is now full professor at Southeast University. During my visit, I had also the oportunity to discover a new city called Wuzhen, located near Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Suzhou. This city is nickenamed “Venise of China”, as it is crossed by various rivers and canals…

Before this trip to China, I had my regular visit with my nice graft doctor. As usual, the day before, I had to do a blood analysis at the hospital. The results are “perfect” according to my doctor. On reading the results nobody could guess that I had an hematopoietic stem cells transplant 3 years ago, on june 24th 2016… Moreover, I don’t take any drug, just an antacid to protect the stomach. The team at St Antoine, helped by my young stem cells donor has done a fantastic job:they saved my life, not less! I met fantastic person, doctors, nurses… I love them all, and each time I come to the hospital, it is a great moment of emotion… My next visit with my kind graft doctor will be in 4 months. before I will do a special blood analysis to verify that my immune system is Ok and that I am fully protected… Results will be coming soon!

Here are some photos taken my visit to China: enjoy!



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