Greetings from Bures-France!

Happy New Year 2020 to everybody! I have been silent for some time, but now I will try to. start to post news on a more regular basis: new year resolution!

Since my last apointment with my kind graft doctor at Saint Antoine in November, my health has been steady: I am still in remission. My doctor asked me to perform an “immunology analysis” to check how I was doing: I got the results recently: everything seems to be ok, although I did not show them to my prefered doctor ;-)!

Although I am still going to my lab in Curie in a more or less regular basis (transportation strike permiting), I am more and more involved in “artistic activities”: modeling, stained glass, cooking…

Here is a short view of what I have been doing over the last few months…

With several members of my family, we took a class on “pâtisserie”: the subject was how to make “religieuses” and “éclairs”. We had a great afternoon together and we learned a lot. When looking at religieuses in a pâtisserie , I will appreciate more the quality of the work done: it is not as easy as I thought!

For some time now, I have been part of a modeling class (clay modeling). I decided to make a copy of a statue which is standing near Toronto harbor. I called the statue the immigrants. The couple is now finished but needs to be “cooked at high temperature” to make it hard.




For more than 3 years now, I have been working on stained glass. I completed several projects, but recently I focused on making “small objects” using the Tiffany technique. I made bees, and several angels. I am now making a bird, which could be a hummingbird  for the ones with strong imagination :-)!

Of course, if I have been able to make all these things it is because of the extraordinary work done by the people at Saint Antoine Hospital and their constant support: doctors, in particular my kind graft doctor, nurses, photopheresis nurses… I had the chance to have a young lady as the stem cells donor. And I have the strong support of my family and friends. They saved my life, really! I love them all!





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