During the two lockdowns we have had so fare in Spring and Fall of 2020, I had to find some occupation to keep my hands busy and try not to think to often of the pandemic developing around us… I started to make various “pastries”, but mainly “chouquettes” at first as they are my favorite!

It was also time for carrots cakes with cranberries and mapple sirup, apricots “clafoutis”…

I used a ” flowers pots” approach to make small bread loafs…not a great success I should say ;-)!

Then came banana bread, chouquettes, small almond-flavored and coconut-flavored”cookies” using an alsatian recipe…

Then came scones, cheese gougers, apricot jam…

In between the two lockdowns, it was time for magdalens, financial cakes… During this time, in August, my great son was visiting. I made magdalens and financial cakes using applesauce instead of sugar… better be creative :-)!

Cherries clafoutis, chouquettes, almond-flavored cookies, magdalens, coconut-flavored cookies, pistachio-flavored cookies…

During the second lockdown, it was near Christmas: it was the time for “bredeles”, the alsatian cookies typical of this period of the year…


To celebrate “the brexit” more cranberries scones and my favorite the chouquettes!

Christmas chouquettes and first try to make “hard” chocolate chips cookies…not bad ;-)!

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