Greetings from Bures-France! We are still in lockdown…

Beside the “special medical events” I had to deal with over the 4 last years (hematopoietic stem cells graft, carcinomas), as an “aging person” I have now a classical problem: to deal with the cataract!A week ago, I had the first surgery, on the left eye. I was scared, although it went well…

The second surgery took place on monday, december 7th…. I was scared as hell , although it was not too new :-(! Like for the first surgery, I slept during the whole time, so I have no memory of what happened after I got an injection of some kind of “relaxing” chemical :-)!

The best thing is that from now on I might not need anymore prescription glasses! Big change (I had them for 52 years!).

I am now “an enhanced human”, being a chimera woman/man with new eyes :-)!

I am now wondering what kind of improvement I should consider. Any suggestions?

Each time I have to. deal with events related to my health, I am always afraid that the fantastic job made at the St Antoine Hospital by the “stem cells graft team” and in particular my kind graft doctor, might be compromised…. Stupid I know ;-)!

Story will be continued in a few days…

This week, I had an appointment with the ophtamologist to check if everything was OK. I got the “official” news that from now on I will be googles free! Not sure people will recognize me :-)!

With love…

For the ones not aware of the french slang, “mirettes” means eyes :-)!

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