Greetings from Bures-France! Last monday, we came back home after two weeks in Toronto, visiting our daughter and her family there. We enjoyed our time there with the family! We also expected to be able to watch the vivid colors of the trees in the fall there…

On arrival, we immediatly noticed that it was too late, and that most of the leaves had already falled down…Anyway, we were able to take some photos:

The weather at first was very nice, then , suddenly, winter made its entry, with snow! At first a small amount, then a good 10 cm! Welcome to Canada!

Soon, it was time for us to leave, going back home… rainy, grey days but “warm” weather! During our trip, leaves had fallen in my garden, but not completly, so more work is waiting for me in the near future :-)!

It was also time for me to start again my artistic activities, fusing glass and modeling:

As an old guy, if I can still enjoy traveling and work with my hands, it is due to the fantastic job doctors, nurses and in particular my wonderful graft doctor at saint Antoine Hospital did to save me! Seven years ago I was coming back from Boulder-Colorado to discover that my MDS disease had worsened, and that the only way to save me was by a stem cells graft. I will never forget those days! I had the chance to have a great team of doctors taking care of me, an anonymous stem cells donor, and a wonderful family: I love them all! Where ever I am and whatever I do, this fantastic group of people are within me, in my heart forever!

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