Greetings from Bures-France! We are already in the first week of the New Year! Time is flying! The older I get, the shorter the weeks last ;-)!

This Christmas, we had the chance to have our Canadians visiting us! It was short, but we really enjoyed it! Great memories…

We spent the New Year’s Eve visiting Versailles Castel. It was a special event (Le parcours du Roi). We visited mainly la galerie des glaces, les chambres du roi et de la reine, la galerie des batailles… Several “spectacles ” were presented at various spots during the visit: ballets, musicians, singers… All ended up by a “feu d’artifice” in front of the palace….

To start well this new year, we visited “la fondation Vuitton” where was organized an exhibit called “Claude Monet-Joan Mitchell”. Always a great experience to visit this wonderful piece of architecture!

I had also the chance to continue/resume my artistic work, modeling and stained glass. Some of the projects are still in progress…

It is the time of the year, when I want to whish all my friends and family an Happy New Year! My special thoughts are going to the people at Saint Antoine Hospital Department of Hematology and in particular to my wonderful graft doctor: after 6 years I am still around :-)!

I love you!

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