In January, when the sun is missing in Paris, it is good to try to find a place where the sun is showing up most of the time! This year, we went to Tenerife, an island of The Canaries.

We spent a few days in La Laguna: at first rainy days, then clearing up! Anyway, the temperatures were much higher than at home!

We then climbed up in the mountains to see Teide volcano (the highest summit in Spain). We did some hikes in the park, but not up to summit (above 3000 m high)!

In Puerta de la Cruz, we visited the botanic garden…

We hiked around la Punta de Teno. The following day, we went to see the Gigantes

It was great to feel the sun ….

After a week, it was time to go back home, facing the cold weather…

We had a great time in Tenerife! When traveling, I always keep in mind that if I am lucky enough to be able to do so, it is because I had the chance to be saved by the fantastic team of doctors at Saint Antoine Hospital, and in particular my wonderful graft doctor! Of course, I don’t forget my donor and my family and friends! I love you all…

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