We used my last days as “a free man” to visit the Morvan regional park. It is located in the north part of Burgundy. This area has a lot of lakes, like the one on the photo, called lac des Settons. There are a lot of forests too, and one of the products sold around here are Christmas trees…

The weather was pretty bad, rainy and cold! But we were able to have a walk around a part of the lake…

We went also to Vézelay, which is known for its basilica. We met there my good friend Saint Antoine as well as Marie. Following a family tradition, we offered candles to both of them!

We also visited a castle, Bazoches, where Vauban lived. Nice place!

We also visited a wine cellar near Chablis: very good white wine!

Today, we started to prepare all the stuff needed for the hospital: clothes mainly. Everything has to be washed at high temperature, dried in a dryer, ironed (I did the ironing ;-)!). Everything has to be stored in closed bags…Jaja cleaned also my crocs! I will  bring also with me my computer, a hard drive, my kindle… Of course, those things will also be cleaned using some kind of alcoholic solution to kill all the germs. Everything is becoming “real”: no escape! Scarry scarry!

Next time, I guess I will be writing from “my clean room” at Saint Antoine: see you there!










4 thoughts on “A last trip before going to the hospital: le Morvan

  1. Ok, c’est le jour du départ de l’épreuve. Avec l’appui formidable de tous tes supporters, tes grandes ressources (Hi Superman), les progrès de la médecine, St Antoine (chacun interprétera…), tu vas vaincre cette foutue maladie. Courage, courage, on est avec toi. A très bientôt, je t’embrasse


    1. Merci Michelle! J’ai presque fini ma valise…Quel bazar !
      J’en emporte moins quand on va 3 mois à Boulder!
      A bientôt, à Saint Antoine ou au téléphone, ou sur skype!


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