Today wednesday June 15 is the begining of a new adventure: this afternoon I entered the hematology service at Saint Antoine. My room is room 426. It is a classical hospital room, nothing fansy (see photos below). I had requested a room with a mountains vue, but they did not have one available at this time:  ! So I have a view on the roofs of Paris, and if I look carefully I can even see trees! Yes!

In entering the hospital late in the afternoon, I expected to have a quiet evening: not so! I have already a drip installed for the night (a kind of hydration stuff (water?), plus I had 3 kinds of pills with my dinner….They are taking good care of me! I had also a blood pressure measurement as well as temperature, plus an electrocardiogram….

Oh yes, I have also a TV: I will be able to follow the football games, then the tour de France…I hope to be out when the Olympics will start in Rio in August!

Tomorrow will be the begining of the real thing: chemotherapy!!! Before I will have a catheter installed, to save my veins!

To be continued….


4 thoughts on “A room with a view…

  1. Jour J,
    Nous y voilà, c’est vrai que comme lieu de villégiature on fait mieux.. le décor est sobre, sans fioriture, la vue est pleine de charme, tu vas pouvoir compter les pigeons qui vont venir se poser pour ne pas dire autre chose sur le « balcon ».

    Tu n’avais pas réservé un lit « king size » ? Quel malheur !

    Bon un léger point négatif…. la bouffe…. oui là effectivement les mots me manquent….

    Ah il y a quand même un seul et uniquement point positif…. tu as des boutons BLEU, JAUNE et ROUGE sur ta télécommande de TA télévision personnelle….

    Allez… dors bien… demain est un autre jour et surtout un jour qui te rapproche de la fin de cette galère !

    Enormes bisous,


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