Today was the first real day for hospitalisation. At the program we had: a catheter to be installed; the begining of chemotherapy; a few other analysis (not to be explained in writing).

At 6am sharp, I had my first visite of the day: blood analysis by a nurse. Before going further I should say that all the person working in the service are very kind and caring, and very professional too of course!

Before going to the surgery room,  I had to wash myself with “betadine” an antiseptic stuff. It took just a few minutes to have the catheter fixed. With this set up, it will be easier “to run around” the room freely!

Early in the afternoon, I had the visit of first one then two belly dancers, courtesy of the French Social Security! This institution is not very reach, so the dancers were not the youngest on the market ;-)! But they were very efficient to make me laugh!

This afternoon, it was the begining of the chemotherapy: two different compounds; one is over, the second one is on its way. Up to now, no side effects (an anti-vomitic compound is also running in the perfusion). I will have nurses visiting during the night to make blood analysis and change the chemicals runing in my veins…

On the side, I started to take pills: Zelitrex which is an anti-viral; Lansaprazole to protect the stomac; Cholurso for I don’t know what but it should be very important. Tomorrow will be another day of chemotherapy more or less similar to today…



11 thoughts on “Belly dancing!

  1. Really impressive the belly dancers!!! Would you have a video also to share? 😉
    Thanks for the selfie and the nice post it’s reassuring to see you smile and in a good mood… You are definitely perfect!!
    Good luck for the busy night ahead.

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  2. By the way I forgot, what did you have for diner? Maybe you can start a culinary review of St Antoine meal vs. the Lycee Agricole or the University cafeteria? 🙂

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    1. Yesterday night, we had green beans with cheese omelette and a little of pasta: way too much! Plus a carrot soup (no match with jaja’s soup) and a yaourt. This morning, the nurse came and asked what I wanted for lunch and dinner….see it is almost a 4 stars hotel!!! Tomorrow, I will ask for dalloyau macarons as a dessert! or bertillon ice cream! Why not?
      But this afternoon, I will have the same chemotherapy than yesterday (two parts, meaning that I will have somebody coming during the night to take some blood for analysis…They are a group of vampires ;-)!


    1. Yes It is why I took the photo: it looks like “a chemistry lab”, although a rich one!
      It can be seen also as a Christmas tree with the lighting!


  3. Même si je sais que tu n’en manques pas, je te souhaite bon courage pour cette épreuve.
    Je pense bien à toi et continue de nous donner des nouvelles – avec la dose d’humour qui nous plait tant ;o ).
    ps: il y a encore beaucoup de place sur les pousses seringues , c’est bien :o)


    1. Merci Isabelle! J’espère être capable de voir le côté “amusant” de l’expérience…Je découvre tellement de choses, c’est un peu comme une expérience de recherche qui peut te conduire à des destinations non prévues…avec une Happy End si possible!
      A bientôt!


    1. Bonjour Mimi! C’est plutôt le Moulin Rouge! On est dans Paris intra-muros!Je pense que c’était une répétition privée en vue de la fête de la musique…mais je n’avais pas l’orchestre car la chambre est trop petite!
      Aujourd’hui, 3ème jour de chimio. Jusqu’ici tout se passe bien. Bonjour à Rob, Anitta, Richard…


    1. Yes we try to have some kind of fun! Up to now, things are going well, no side effects, no bad spirit (not too much ;-)!). It is a long run race, almost a marathon (at least for us with a low level of training)! I hope you are doing OK? A hug!


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