Some sun on Paris for this saturday June 18th 2016. Yesterday, Jaja visited me…She is my sunshine ;-)! She had a few pieces of wrapped chocolate to share with me, coming from Monique: thank you Monique! I cannot eat chocolate with nuts, just pure chocolate. I will try to save them for visitors!

Yesterday was my second day of chemotherapy: first Fludarabine, then Busulfan. To limit the possible side effects, there is always an anti-vomiting compound given together with the “good stuff”, plus some other things like calcium etc…The only “side-effect” is that I spend a lot of time in the bathroom “eliminating” the fluids I am ingesting: it is made to clean the kidneys from the bad chemicals…(oh yes, they also measure the volume of “pipi” eliminated). Once a day I have my weight measured too…I hope they are puting all those crucial informations in an Excel table!

Today it will be the same protocole regarding the chemotherapy.

On the first day at the hospital, I started to take some pills: Am I sick or what! I am taking Zelitrex (antiviral therapy), Lansaprazole (or prevacid)(to protect the stomac), Cholurso (to protect the liver).

From yesterday I had my blood sugar tested once a day: Jaja is jealous when she sees the results!!! But she fights back and shows me her red blood cells count!!!

This morning, the nurse changed the dressing around the catheter: everything looked OK!

Yesterday afternoon, the nurse came in the room and told me that he had glued a post on my door: “aplasie” (aplasia). It means that the polymorphonuclear neutrophils were around 100 whatever the units are (near zero!). So I am now at risq for “infections”… (it also explain why I am now Mister A for Mister Aplasia!!!!!

It came maybe earlier than expected, but for me it is not really a surprise as I had already a very limited number of those cells before!!!

Today the weather in Paris is somehow better: a little bite of blue sky, a little sun…as for the temperature, I cannot tell: they don’t allow me to go outside for a walk!!! But on a brighter side, I have now a very long tubing between me and the machine, so it is easier “to run around” the room: freedom, freedom!





4 thoughts on “Mister A

    1. Last night, I tried to visit the hematology department, but I was stopped short: the tubing connecting me and my delivery machine is too short!!!!! Next time, I will ask for a long, long, long one ;-)!
      I saw your paper published in Macromolecules: bravo!
      My regards to your wife and son!


  1. Hey mister A- PPMHK,
    What are the 2industrial chimneys you can see from your window? From my expert eyes (I’m always modest like my dad) it looks like an incineration plant or should I say an Energy Recovery Facility…. I’ll investigate as I’m curious!!!!! 🙂

    You now understand the difficulty of being a “pisseuse” as Nicolas would put it and the need to find a toilet every 2h!

    Enormes bisous! Je pense tres fort a toi!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. An energy recovery facility right in downtown Paris? With the geeenest mayor of Paris ever? Not possibleMaybe, they are building new pillars to put the statues from the place de la Nation: this way nobody will be able to paint them in fansy colors!
      Or also they might have had to build thesetowers as empty cylinders to store my pipi ;-)!
      Bon dimanche! Grobyzoux


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