Today Sunday June 19th is a long day: I  have two chemotherapy one after another (fludarabine, then busulfan), plus some other stuff to prevent side effects and the like! It started around 10 am this morning for the first. At noon, the second chemotherapy started and should last around 3h. Then “Mister Rabbit” will appear for the first time on stage (rabbit antilymphocyte serum (not sure of the correct name).Following discussions with the nurses, it does not seem that this fellow is really a nice guy…We might expect side effects. Well it is another experience.

On the other hand, I have prepared for several days this meeting with Mister Rabbit: as an example, I have taken every time it was possible the carrots soup!!!! (but i have also to admit that during one lunch I had a “lapin aux pruneaux” (rabbit with prunes)…..).

More news regarding my fight with Mister Rabbit will appear soon….

On the bright side of the life, today in Paris we have a little bite of sun: Youpi! Even behind a window, it is good!

Before finishing this short article, I would like to make the following point: of course doctors thing that it is in our good interest to be hyperhydrated so that the kidneys are working fine, BUT it also means that our autonomy is reduced by a large extend (less than 2hours). In a 10 m2 room it is OK, but forget a visit to a movie theather…

Another technical point, which might be seen as interesting for the few chemists reading this blog: the main side product eliminated in the “pipi” comes from busulfan, a sulfur containing compound….when you faites pipi, it smells of sulfur (no need to thank me for those interesting technical details!).



3 thoughts on “Mister Rabbit makes his entrance

  1. Well, flavors also contain sulfur-related compounds. All you need to do is to dilute it to achieve a good smell. So I guess, drinking a huge amount of water might solve your problem. 🙂


    1. Yes you are right. But in the present situation, it remains me of “the odors” liberated by an old leftover “ballon” with black tare at the bottom: you know the ones we discovered regularly in Dave’s labs ;-)!!!!! When I was young, we distilled thionyl sulfate: exactly the same odor coming from distillation tare!


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