On Monday and Tuesday June 20/21, I had the rabbit anti lymphocite serum delivered. Previously, with the classical chemotherapy, I did not feel anything; with this rabbit thing I felt immediatly a kind of weakness, making me sleepy the all days. At night, I did not sleep well as the doctors are still hyperhydrading me (which means I need to go to the toilets every 2 Hours!).

Yesterday, although I was a little down because of the lack of sleep, I was happy because It was “The Day”: time to receive the new high quality hematopoietic stem cells from my donor! Not this day! The doctor explained me that they were “short” in cells in the graft and that they prefered to have more…..So the transplant is now due today.

Yesterday evening, a nurse came to tell me that I was short in platelets and that they have decided to serve me a glass of platelets!

Oh yes, I forget to speak about my visitors! On Monday I have Jaja and Céline and Catherine: no belly dancing, serious people! On Tuesday, I had Jaja and Marie. Eric did not want to go in….

Today, it should be “The Day”, but at 10:30 am no news yet….

I was thinking: my donor is an english man and he decided to vote for the Brexit just yesterday! I will have to do with half cells!

During the day, we got various news about the graft. late this afternoon, the doctor came to explain that the graft just arrived in Paris but was still in another hospital (Saint Louis).

They planned to do the transplant at first in the evening/night, then changed their mind: tomorrow June 24th is now the date! As Eric pointed, it will be awasome to have those lovely cells swimming in my body tomorrow…..



3 thoughts on “Rabbit 2, PPMHK 0

  1. The rabbit might have taken a slight advantage in round 1 but you are currently winning the return match!!!!!
    As previously discussed what about starting a small contest of belly dancer visitors? Just published regularly some pictures of your visitors (Parisian ones and Blog ones) and we can vote through the comment section for the best outfit! I’ve got a feeling Anitta is going to win as a professional belly dancer… 😉


  2. Is today “le jour J” for the transplant? Thinking of you and the sad day for those Brits who have a vision beyond national borders.


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