Dear All, I am not really sure where I left you before stopping “activities”!

Anway,w e experienced some delays with the graft coming late in Paris. The D Day (Jour J) of the graft was june 24th. The graft is not a real “special medical event”, just a transfusion. Everything went fast and was done in less than one hour.

Because of the chemotherapy, I already had some “problems” (fever, plumbing problems…) I had difficulties to eat, so I had a nice device installed on my nose to feed me directly….I did not like it but it was the only way…

I had hard times during a few days (fever until they got the suitable antibiotics, no energy, tired).

After, those few days, I feeled much better…..A week ago, I got the news from the doctor: aplasia was behind: ppmhk the return!

2 thoughts on “ppmhq is back, but he is not Superman!

  1. The most important thing is that you are back!!!
    We carry on all together with the trip to the moon and back even if the ride is sometime bumpy!
    Looking forward to reading your next post…


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