Last monday, we had a discussion with the doctor about what we could change to ease the day to day life. We asked in particular if the time had come to be able to eat outside: yes was the answer! So yesterday night, we went for our first diner in a restorant sinnce last May! Not a fancy restaurant, just a small vietnamese place near our home! But I was so happy! For us, it opens the way to take some “vacation”for a few days!

Things are improving a lot. We just need to visit the day hospital every 10 days. The cyclosporine I take is decreasing each week; by November I will be free!

On Monday, the catheter was removed, so I am free to take a full shower now…

On the other end, during our visit to the day hospital, because we meet various patients with different “histories”, I can appreciate more how lucky I am: I am on the way to a full recovery! Very few people we meet have this chance!

Take care and have a good day.



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