On June 24th 2016, I had the hematopoietic stem cells transplant performed at the saint Antoine Hospital in Paris (by Marie: it was a first time for her!).

Tomorrow, it will be the second anniversary of the transplant Hard to believe!

To “celebrate” this event, I decided to display a set of photos made during those two years,; I mean photos of me ;-)!

I have made  a slow recovery, but I am doing OK! I will never be the same as before, mainly because I am now a chimera, part of my old self, part of a lady!

Of course, if I am in pretty good shape, it is because of the fantastic work done by the team of doctors and nurses at Saint Antoine and in particular my kind graft doctor, my stem cells donor (she saved my life and I will never know who she is), and my family and friends (they are and have always been around to help and comfort me during the difficult days, and share the good days too!). I love you all!

Next week, I will have my regular apointment with my graft doctor. I will get the results from the blood analysis and the myelogram. I will post these results… Fingers crossed!

Last week, we spent some days in Ardèche: I took the oportunity to visit churches and find new Saint Antoines!

The day before: early june 2016. Short hair cut!


No hair! early july 2016


Going home: July 13th 2016


Dining out first time: October 2016


At home: hair are growing: spring of 2017


June 2017: Noirmoutier island: more hair!


September 2017: lake Ontario!


February 2018: Ontario


April 2018: Nanjing (China)



Following the advice of Marceline: hat and sunglasses!


June 2018: Mont Gerbier de Jonc…






And an Italian St Antoine sent to me by Nicole…




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