Dear friends, I have been silent for some time, as I was visiting family in Toronto! We took the oportunity to also visit a new place in Canada: the canadian rockies!

We enjoyed our time both in Toronto and  Alberta.

In Toronto, we visited “graphic alley”. Below are some photos of the street art!

We headed west to Calgary, en route to Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper… Four hours fly, two hours time change: speaking of Canada as a big country!

We did some hikes, sometimes up in the mountains: a few kilometers long, climbing up and down. We walked on a glacier! Everything went fine! We had good weather, sunny and warm, but also not so good weather, rain and snow, yes snow :-)!

Canadian rockies are beautiful: wonderful lakes with stuning colors; a lot of glaciers, high mountains…. This part of Canada is famous for wild life… we did not see much, as there were too many people! Just a coyote crossing the road, the tail of a bear, and a caribou from fare away.

This week, I will have another round of apointments at Saint Antoine hospital: on monday blood analysis, on tuesday visiting my kind graft doctor. I am looking forward to this visit…

In my next blog I will let you know what news I got!

Before, I would like to share with you some of the photos I took during our trip…

And please, don’t forget to enjoy life!

I love you.














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