Today, on september 25 2018, I had an apointment with my kind graft doctor. She started by showing me the results regarding the blood analysis I did yesterday: all the numbers were “perfect”! (in fact, it is not that much surprising because my nick name has been for years Mr Perfect!).

Then she started to explain me that it was not any more necessary to have ciclosporine (Néoral in french), as everything was just fine: no more GvHc! Yes! It was the news I have been looking for for months now! So happy!

She also made the point that if I had some doubts on having GvH in the mouth again, I should not hesitate to call her or the day hospital to check. It is very important to know that I will have “for ever” this safety net available!

Well, now, I am left with an antiviral to take twice a day. Not important!

Soon, I will need to have the last vaccins I did not have before, when my immune system was not strong enough. I will do that next month.

I was so happy that I asked my wonderful graft doctor the permission to hug her:yes!

If I am in remission, with little drugs to take and an OK fitness, it is because of the fantastic team at the Saint Antoine Hospital, with a little plus to my graft doctor, to my anonymous donor, to my wonderful family and my friends! They are all very special for me! I love them all :-)!

In the near futur, I will have some new challenges to handle: cataract surgery, carcinoma surgery… But today I am really really happy!

With love!








Swinging in the sun :-)!



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