This week has been “an hospital visits” week!

First, I went to see an ophthalmologist as I was thinking that I might need to have surgery to correct a cataract. I was wrong! The doctor told me that it was not yet the time. I just needed to adjust my corrective lenses. Yes! So happy! I have to say that I am really afraid to have somebody touching my eyes. I know it is stupid: I was not afraid by having the stem cells transplant! Older but not more cleaver ;-)!

Then, I had a follow up visit with my dermatologist at Tenon hospital. I had a carcinoma, which has been treated by photodynamic therapy, but which had made a come back after a few months. I had it treated a second time by a cream (Aldara) for 6 weeks, and the doctor wanted to have a look on it. Well, it worked in part… The next step to remove it should be by surgery but my dermatologist wanted to try something less damaging for my face ;-)! So, he used a spray of liquid nitrogen “to burn it”. Results in a few months from now!

Then we discussed a small bump I had on the back of the head…and yes it is another carcinoma, although it is just a small one! This one will be treated by the same cream I used before… Reuslts in a few months!

But, maybe, there is a good news, as pointed out by my doctor: I don’t have anymore photopheresis, I stopped to take ciclosporine, both limited my ability to fight those small “cancers”. Now my immune system will be stronger so we might expect that no more carcinomas will show up…

I received a copy of the detailed record sent by my kind graft doctor to my family doctor regarding my last visit to her. She wrote that I am in cytological and molecular remission: so it is official! Thanks to the group of doctors and nurses at Saint Antoine (in particular my graft doctor), the photopheresis nurses, my donor, my family, my friends: it is a big success!

Today, I have an apointment with my family doctor: first injection of the vaccin against measles + rubella + mumps! Yes I am like a baby:-)!

We are now entering the season I never liked: fall. To help, I would suggest this beautiful song:


Take care and enjoy life!

I love you all!











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