Greetings from Nanjing-China!

This time no health-related reports! Just fun! Enjoying my new visit to Southeast University in Nanjing.

Here are some photos taken around the campus this morning. I will add more in the coming days…

If I can travel “freely” now, it is because of the outstanding job made by my wonderful graft doctor and the team in Saint Antoine hospital. I don’t forget my stem cells donor (she is within me all the time ;-)!), and my beautiful family and friends. I love you all!


On the breakfast table… The ones who visited China before will understand the meaning :-)!












Air pollution in nanjing this morning (october 25th)…


Primary school in Nanjing:



Smelling the chemicals when traveling along the corridor… Good memory of “the old good time”!



Today, October 26th, we are visiting Hangzhou, a place I already visited last spring. Here are a few photos I took in May and photos taken during this visit…


Week-end in Hangzhou…

Xixi National Wetland Park…





Housing in Hangzhou



West lake and a pagoda:



Copper museum


Light show







October 29th: back in Nanjing…






Nanjing October 30th: in and around Southest University Campus










Nanjing or Paris? Eiffel tower and Les Invalides ;-)!




Chinese jasmine cookies…



On and around the campus this morning, November 1st 2018:








November 2nd, Last chinese breakfast…



Around the campus…





November 2nd: last night in Nanjing, in an hotel near the campus…


November 3rd: In Beining, on the way home, waiting for the boarding…


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