As you might know, at this time of the year the Paris area has usually a pretty bad weather: rain, grey skies, even snow… That is too much for old people like us! We need sun! So, we headed south to an island, spanish territory, located near the Africa cost, called Gran Canaria. It is one of the many islands in The Canarias.

During this week, we enjoyed temperatures in the twenties, sunny weather and the like! On this volcanic island, the panoramas are wonderful, and depending the positions on the island, north or south, very different lanscapes are on display: dunes, volcano rims, humid valley, beaches… Of course the vegetation is changing a lot. We saw for the first time hills covered with almonds in bloom. So beautiful! and a lot of orange trees and lemon trees.

Of course, we visited several churches to fulfil my quest of Saint Antoine statues :-)! We found 3!


To finish on “a medical information”: on the first day of our trip, I noticed “a small pool of blood” under the skin on the right forearm.It was followed later in the week by a similar thing on the left hand. It was not the first time I had noticed similar blood spots on the arms and hands, but this time it was much larger. I was not really afraid as I had done a blood analysis a few weeks ago which showed that I had a large number of platelets. However, as I am curious and want to understand “everything”, I asked my kind graft doctor what it could be. She told me that it was common in people who had an hematopoietic stem cells transplant. She told me that it was related to some kind of “capillary fragility”. She has always the right words to reassure me!

With love!




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