Yesterday, I visited the Tenon hospital dermatology department to have a carcinoma removed via surgery. This one, located on the left temple, had been treated by various techniques but each time had made “a come back”!

The surgeon removed a piece of myself (5 cents coin (euros), a dime coin ($ US)) under local anesthesia.He then sewed me up, the most painful part of the act… In two weeks, I will need to meet a nurse to have the stitches removed…

Here is the result:

I discussed with the surgeon on the oportunity to have some wrinkles removed during the process to look younger…just joking!  He told me that I looked young enough, and that I was “a miracle” after what I had been through…

My dream was that I could become a new Clooney…


Too bad I did not succeed to convince the surgeon!

Next month, I will visit again the Tenon hospital to have another carcinoma removed, this time via dynamic phototherapy…

To finish on a sunny note, here are more photos of our trip to Gran Canaria: enjoy!

Take care and enjoy life!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With love



2 thoughts on “Plastic Surgery: removing a carcinoma

  1. Hello! Thank you so much! I have been so lucky to meet fantastic physicians and nurses during my visits to the hospitals! Of course I don’t forget my donor, my family and all my friends…like you :-)! What are you up to now? Take care and Happy Spring Festival ( a little late!). Patrick


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