Today I would like to introduce a “new”artistic activity I started a few months ago: clay modeling.

After I had to stop to do experiments by myself in a chemistry lab a few years ago, i became somehow “frustrated” by not having anymore the oportunity to work with my hands, as I used to do during my long career as an experimentalist.As I was not very good as handyman, I had to find a new activity. I started to work on  stained glass projects 3 years ago (and I am still doing it once a week). As a Christmas gift, I got a one trimester class of clay modeling.

Here is my first experience…. Making “a head” is not as simple as I was thinking. There are “some rules” to follow such as the shape of the skull,  the relative positions of the ears, the noze, the eyes, the mouth… Our teacher pointed out all those rules and gave us an advice: when you “see” people on the street or on the TV, just “look” at them as if they were “models”!

At first, I had in mind to make a man head…here is the first step:


Trying to put in place the ears, shaping the eyebrows, the chin…


Then, one day, our teacher asked me: do you really want to make a man head? I answered that I had rather choose a woman head (you know, I am now “half-woman” after being grafted with stem cells coming from a young lady ;-)!). I had to make several changes : smaller noze and chin, smooth cheekbones and eyebrows, shape of the eyes…


Then I added hair….


Now an hair bun ;-)!


Et voilà! My head is almost finish….

Evolution in action :-)!

This woman head will be for me the statue of my anonymous donor :-)!

A big thank you to the doctors and nurses at the Saint Antoine Hospital, in particular my kind graft doctor, my wonderful family, and my friends: I love you all!

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