We are already two weeks in the second lockdown.

Of course, it is kind of hard to start all over again what we experienced in the spring

During the first lockdown, we tried to “do something” fun to share with our family and friends. We decided that on each sunday, we would dress in special outfits. We used what we had in our drawer as we could not go shopping. for non essential goods…. Here are the results…

  1. Dressing up to go out for a date

2. Heading for the beach

3. Working as garbage collectors

4. Working in the garden

5. Cooking pastries and cakes (we bought the chef hat during the first escape after the end of the lockdown)

6. Going for a hike…at the back of our garden

We thought that number 6 would be the last disguise: wrong :-(! Two weeks ago lockdown number 2 started… We racked one’s brains to start all over again the same game. Here are numbers 7 and 8 and 9 and 10.. and 11 and 12!

7. Preparing to go out for Christmas. You will notice that we have masks, a big difference with episode 1 :-)!

8. On our way to Hawaii… with new masks ;-)!

9. Being Amishs…

10. Exchanging clothes 🙂

11. Canadian loggers…

12. 5th week of lockdown in the second round… beginning of depression :-)!

13. Netflix series “Lockdown” season 2, last episode….

Sunday December the 20th: end of the second lockdown….. We decided to go on vacation:

To be continued…with the 3rd lockdown coming in mid-january!

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