Greetings from Bures-France! We are already in our 5th day of the new lockdown, and it feels like weeks… The weather does not help: rainy, windy and cold! The lockdown season one was much better: sunny and warm! As we are always saying in France: c’était mieux avant (it was much better in the past) :-)!

Right now, the situation looks pretty bad, with our friend the virus running freely everywhere around… Better stay home when possible! As an old retired person, it is easy to follow the rules, but for people with children and/or working it is more complicated, stressful. Every day, I am thinking of people working in the hospitals, family relatives, my great graft doctor, my dermatologist… I hope they will go through all this mess untouched…

The fall is now there, with leaves falling down in my garden…It keeps me busy and I am doing some physical exercise!

Soon, it will be “a surgery season” for me, as I need to fix some cataract problems. First eye will be at the end of this month, second one early december: kind of afraid of this, more than when I had the stem cells graft… yes, hard to believe…

Anyway, I am so happy to be alive. because of the people at Saint Antoine, and my graft doctor, my family, my friends, my graft donor: you are so precious ! With love :-)!

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